The World's Dumbest Coverage of the World's Best Marathon®


Friends Worried About Wellesley Student Still Screaming at Road

Long after Boston Marathon finish, one spectator remains on course.

Boston Marathoners Starting to Think Bus Driver Lost

Hopkinton nowhere in sight as passengers grow nervous.

Legal Seafoods to Sponsor 'Chowder Zone' at Mile 20 of Boston Marathon

Restaurant chain says “steaming-hot cups of ocean-fresh goodness” will help runners conquer Heartbreak Hill.

Boston Marathon Forecast Calls for More Bullshit Weather

“What, again?” says one runner. “Are you f***ing kidding me?”

2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat Unveiled

For next year’s race, commemorative fancy headwear is teal with white accents.

Monument on Boston Marathon Course Marks Exact Spot Where Kathrine Switzer's Uterus Fell Out

In 1967, she became the first woman to officially run the race—but it came at a steep price.

Boston Marathon Forecast Calls for Bullshit Weather

Reaction among runners has not been good.

Dave McGillivray to Personally Pick Up Every Boston Marathon Visitor at Airport

"That's Dave for you," said one longtime acquaintance. "Always willing to go the extra mile."

Boston Spectator Training Hard for Marathon

Local man's regimen involves standing, screaming, drinking.

Gate Agent Relieved She Can Stop Feigning Interest in Marathon

"Thank God, that's over for another year."


Man Forgets Boston Marathon Jacket on Plane

Cherished souvenir is left in an overhead bin.


Man at Mile 2 of Boston Marathon Pretty Sure He's En Route to Huge PR

"I am flying!" first-time Boston participant thinks to self.


Hopkinton Plant Life Braces for Annual Onslaught of Urine

"We have a love/hate relationship with the marathon," said a blooming shrub.


Pence Warns Boston Marathon Runners of 'Wicked' Wellesley

The VP sees undue temptation in a marathon tradition.


9 Things You Never Knew About the Boston Marathon

How well do you know this iconic race?


Special-Edition Boston Shoe Obviously Just Regular Shoe with BOSTON Written On It

"You can actually smudge the letters with your finger."

9 More Things That Will Get You Banned from the Boston Marathon

Tread carefully, runners, lest you be barred for life.