Launched in 2015 by longtime writer, author, and runner Mark Remy, Dumb Runner is an online destination for runners who enjoy laughter and pie.

Here is what you will find at Dumb Runner: Odd and amusing news, Monty Python references, beginner-friendly advice, and answers to your most pressing questions. Some of it will even be running related!

Here is what you will not find: Bullshit. 

While Dumb Runner does not take itself seriously, it does take running seriously. Most of the time.

Dumb Runner is ad-free, and we do not believe in "sponsored posts," which are bullshit. If you value what we do and how we're doing it, please consider showing your appreciation by making a contribution! Here are three easy ways that you can do so.


At Dumb Runner, we don't believe in mission statements. But we do believe in manifestos and in promises... 

The Dumb Runner Manifesto

1. Running should be simple. Period.

2. There is beauty in every run, if you take the time to look. Music, too, if you listen for it.

3. Laughter is good. So is pie. More of both, please.

Dumb Runner’s Promise to You

1. Everything you see on will reflect the spirit of the Dumb Runner Manifesto.

2. Dumb Runner will never refer to food as "fuel." We're human beings, not machines.

3. Dumb Runner is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Welcome to Dumb Runner.