Boston Spectator Training Hard for Marathon

With the Boston Marathon just over a month away, Tom Scholz is feeling good.

"I've been training for this since December," said Scholz, 23, a fifth-year senior at Boston College and four-time Boston Marathon spectator. "Watching the marathon isn't just something you wake up and decide to do. You need to prepare."

For Scholz, that means a lot of standing, a lot of screaming, and a lot of beer drinking.

"I follow a pretty standard training plan," he said. "Three or four shorter sessions during the week, and then a long one on the weekend."

Watching the marathon isn’t just something you wake up and decide to do. You need to prepare.
— Tom Scholz

Last Sunday, that meant standing for nearly five hours on Commonwealth Avenue in the Newton Hills, whooping and hooting and drinking Natural Lite from a red Solo cup.

"I find it helpful to train on the actual course," he said.

While Scholz often trains with a small group of buddies, last Sunday he was all alone.

"That was tough," he said. "It's hard to stay motivated when you're out there by yourself."

Still, he got it done, standing and sipping beer from 12:35 to 5:30 p.m. before heading home for a hot shower and a plate of chili fries.

Later this week, he said, he'll meet friends for beers at least twice and "probably squeeze in a cowbell session" one night. His final long workout is this weekend. After that, he said, he'll begin his taper.

After he graduates—this year or "next year, latest"—Scholz says he hopes to continue his marathon tradition.

"That's the nice thing about screaming and drinking," he said. "It's not just a school thing—it can be a lifelong pursuit."