Special-Edition Boston Shoe Obviously Just Regular Shoe with BOSTON Written On It


A recently unveiled "special edition" Boston Marathon shoe is clearly just a regular shoe with the word "BOSTON!" scrawled on the side with a yellow marker, sources tell Dumb Runner.

"It's frankly sort of embarrassing," said Sam Malone, footwear editor of Modern Runner magazine. "These guys clearly just took plain shoes off their production line and scrawled 'BOSTON' and '26.2' on them."

"You can actually smudge the letters with your finger," he added.

The shoe, made by a Cambodian shoe maker called Star Sport, is being marketed as the "Star Sport BOSTON! 26.2," described as a "limited edition sport shoe for today (sic) Boston Race (sic) runer (sic)." Features include "genuine laces" and "fast-style yellow letter (sic) for make commemorate (sic)."

The release of a special shoe commemorating the Boston Marathon isn't news—companies from Adidas to New Balance have done so for years—but it's unusual for a relatively unknown shoe maker to do so.

The Star Sport BOSTON! 26.2 is available at select Walgreens and websites such as shoebarganz4u.com, at a suggested retail price of $14.99.