Man Forgets Boston Marathon Jacket on Plane

A Seattle man made a grim discovery Tuesday, Dumb Runner has learned, realizing that he left his Adidas Boston Marathon jacket on the plane he took home from the iconic race.

Clifford Clavin, 48, a four-time marathoner, didn't notice the jacket was missing until he returned home and unpacked his bags.

"There was my long-sleeve Boston Marathon shirt, my Boston Marathon T-shirts, my Boston Marathon hat, my Boston Marathon water bottle, my Boston Marathon fleece pullover, my Boston Marathon pint glass, my Boston Marathon poster, and my Boston Marathon hoodie," said Clavin. "Also my 'WICKED PISSAH' tee."

"But no jacket."

Slowly, Clavin said, he remembered removing the jacket before taking his seat for the flight home, rolling it up, and placing it in the overhead bin.

The realization was sickening, he said, as he was consumed with thoughts of the jacket's current whereabouts—was it still in the bin? Lying in some lost-and-found somewhere, among single mittens and kids' plush toys? Tossed in a garbage bin? Being worn by someone who didn't earn it?

"The worst part," said Clavin, "is not knowing."

"It's torture," he added. "I just keep going back in time, thinking of things I could have done differently."

"You have to understand," said Clavin's wife, Vera, "this wasn't just any Boston Marathon jacket. This was an Adidas Official Boston Marathon® 2017 Celebration Jacket."

"So much for the celebration," she said.

Asked whether her husband might purchase a replacement, Vera Clavin remarked, "Maybe. I don't know. Frankly, we aren't even thinking about that now. Right now, we're just trying to be here for Cliff."