Dave McGillivray to Personally Pick Up Every Boston Marathon Visitor at Airport



Adding a huge task to an already packed schedule, Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray has said he intends this year to personally greet each and every marathon traveler at the airport and drive them to their hotel. 

Even for the famously energetic McGillivray, it is a daunting plan. The event's 30,000 entrants include runners from all 50 U.S. states and nearly 100 foreign countries, and most of those runners will travel to Boston by air.

Race day is Monday, April 16, and most travelers will arrive in Boston late this week. A few, however, have already begun to trickle in—several witnesses reportedly spotted McGillivray early this morning at Boston's Logan Airport, waiting for someone named Steve and then, later, helping two travelers wearing Boston Marathon jackets load suitcases into a hatchback in the short term parking garage.

"He was making small talk and asking them what hotel they were staying at," said one. "I believe he also cracked a joke about 'pahking' the 'cah.'"

McGillvray's volunteer chauffeuring didn't surprise those who know him.

"That's Dave for you," said one longtime acquaintance. "Always willing to go the extra mile. He figures these folks are making the effort to come to his race—why should they have to cab it from the airport, or take the T?"

"He's a people person," said another. "Sometimes that means pausing for a selfie with a fan on race day; other times, shuttling thousands of runners from the airport to their hotels."

"Plus, he really enjoys driving." 

Rumors that McGillivray would also drive runners back to the airport after the race could not be confirmed.