2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat Unveiled


Adidas has released its design for next year’s official Boston Marathon® Fancy Hat. For 2019, the Fancy Hat is a sunhat-style chapeau in teal with white accents.

Adidas, which describes the headwear as “the must-have, iconic hat for Boston Marathon® fans,” says the 2019 edition is made of lightweight, moisture-wicking material and features “a wide, semi-floppy brim that’s practical and sassy in equal measure.”

The hat, it goes on to say, is “the perfect way to ‘top off’ your Boston Marathon® experience.”

The Boston Fancy Hat is a tradition that dates to the marathon’s founding in 1897, when organizers presented the winner with a cocktail hat “in a brilliant fuchsia, embellished with rhinestones and gaily colored feathers.”

2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat, front

2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat, front

2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat, REAR

2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat, REAR

Early reaction to the 2019 Fancy Hat was mixed.

“Not as fancy as this year’s,” remarked one online commenter, alluding to Boston’s 2018 Fancy Hat, an Easter bonnet that included a faux bird’s nest complete with stuffed robin.

“I like (the 2019 version),” wrote another. “It’s simple, yet fun. Honestly, who cares anymore how fancy it is?”

That commenter went on to compare the 2019 Fancy Hat favorably with the much-derided 2017 version, a salmon-hued peach basket hat—“puke color,” some called it—wrapped in tulle.

The 2019 Boston Marathon Fancy Hat is available at Adidas.com for $110.