Old Guy's Marathon Training Plan Just a Bunch of Running



A local runner’s marathon training plan is causing confusion and dismay among the younger members of his running club, Dumb Runner has learned.

Anton Chigurh, 71, is preparing for the Bardem (Texas) Marathon, sources said, and “his training plan is, like, just a bunch of running.”

“I don’t get it,” said Llewelyn Moss, 28, who occasionally runs with Chigurh as part of the Brolin Running Company Race Team. He said he glimpsed Chigurh’s training plan before a recent group run.

“He had it printed out,” Moss said.

The 20-week plan, said Moss, was breathtaking in its simplicity—six days of running every week, plus one rest day. Each week has one long run, one track or tempo workout, and, usually, one hill workout. Weekly mileage begins around 28 miles and peaks at 84, followed by a two-week taper before race day.

“And that’s it,” said Moss. “No cross training, no strength training, no yoga or Pilates or burpees or planking. Just… running.”

“No core work, either,” he added. “No core work! I was, like, Dude! What about your core?

A fellow member of the run club, Carla Jean, 23, overheard Moss’s remark and reacted in disbelief.

“What!” she said. “You’ve gotta have a strong core!”

In addition, Moss said, he’s never known Chigurh to stretch, foam roll, take an ice bath, or use compression gear.

“The guy doesn’t even have a fueling strategy,” he noted. “It’s bonkers.”

Chigurh, who’s been running for nearly four decades, is a veteran of 27 marathons with a personal best time of 2:38.

“I wish him luck,” Moss said, shaking his head. “He’s gonna need it.”