Dog Opts Not to Alert Owner to Dead Body in Brush This Time

A dog on a trail run early Sunday morning noticed a body just a few feet away but chose not to call attention to it, Dumb Runner has learned.

The dog, a terrier mix named Briscoe, was running with his owner when he spotted the body, which was partially decomposed and obscured by brush and tall grass. Remembering what happened the last time he alerted his owner to a corpse in the woods, a source said, the four-year-old canine opted to “let this one slide.”

That’s a reference to an incident early last year in which Briscoe and his owner, a local runner named Olivia Benson, were running through a ravine in a nearby state park. During that run, Benson detected human remains in a dry creek bed and led Benson to them.

Benson, the source said, “completely lost her shit.”

This time around, Briscoe—no doubt remembering his owner’s previous reaction—chose to stay silent.

“I’m just gonna pretend like I didn’t smell and see that,” he reportedly thought.

The remainder of the five-mile route passed uneventfully, and Benson appeared happy and relaxed when she reached her car at the trailhead.

“What a great run!” she told Briscoe, scratching the dog’s ears. “Good boy.”