The 7 Worst Dogs for Runners

Looking for a four-legged friend to accompany you on your training runs? Well, keep looking. I've run with each of these seven, and they're all terrible.

Name: Jack

Why he's bad: Always bails on meeting you for early morning runs and doesn't even bother texting to tell you so.

Name: Dexter

Why he's bad: Always wears headphones, even when it's just the two of you and even after you've told him how much it bothers you.

Name: Lola

Why she's bad: Loves to complain that she's super tired and "not feeling it today"—then totally pushes the pace for the entire run, a half-step ahead of you.

Name: Molly

Why she's bad: Always judging you in a passive-aggressive way, with looks that say, "Oh, that's an interesting choice for a shirt today" and "Do you need to take a walk break?"

Name: Duke

Why he's bad: Sleeps all day; bites and scratches furiously when it's time to put the leash on.

Name: Bear

Why he's bad: Takes himself—and his running—way too seriously.

Name: Tucker

Why he's bad: Honestly? Just kind of a dick.