'Sometimes It's Like You Have a Paywall Around Your Heart,' Girlfriend Tells Runner's World Editor



A woman’s frustration with her emotionally unavailable partner turned to tears Sunday afternoon during a tense conversation in her Brooklyn, New York apartment.

“Sometimes it's like you have a paywall around your heart,” Meredith Logue, 27, told her boyfriend of eight months, Dickie Greenleaf, 33. “And I feel like I’ll never get unlimited access.”

Greenleaf is an editor at Runner’s World magazine; Logue’s remark was an apparent reference to that publication’s decision to put a paywall around some of its online content.

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone,” Logue continued. “But you have no idea how hard it is to love someone who gives only so much before slamming down the gates.”

“I don’t want just bits and pieces of you, Dickie,” Logue said, sobbing. “I want it all, I want the premium content. And you keep it locked away!”

The words stung, sources told Dumb Runner.

“Dickie may seem aloof, but he’s a sensitive, emotional guy,” said Tom Ripley, a longtime friend. “I know he’s been hurt in relationships before, which is probably why he’s reluctant to let Meredith get too close.”

“I guarantee you, though, that ‘paywall’ comment cut Dickie to the core.”

“His core is strong, by the way,” Ripley quickly added. “As a Runner’s World editor, Dickie knows how crucial it is to have a rock-solid core. Still, he’s only human.”

Logue and Greenleaf did not return calls seeking comment. A spokesperson for Runner’s World said Dumb Runner had reached its monthly limit for statements from the brand and prompted us to subscribe to its PRemium Plus program for a response.

Dumb Runner declined the offer.