Man Can't Tell If New HOKA Shoe Real or Joke

A local man was unable to determine whether a running shoe was an actual product for sale or a prank of some sort, Dumb Runner has learned.

"Ha ha!" said Darrell Hammond, 28, as he examined the shoe at Runner's Zone, a running specialty store. As his laughter trailed off, he looked closer, then added, "Um..."

The shoe, a "hypermaximalist" model by HOKA, is large even by the company's usual bulky standards—the upper and midsole are separated by a block of foam 9.5 inches thick. The model, which made its debut just last week, is called the STRATO-LOFT.

"I mean, I'm sure they're cushy," said Hammond, "but how would you run in something like this? How would you even stay upright?"

He paused, turning the shoe over in his hands.

"Then again," he said, "that's what I said about the first HOKAs I ever saw."

At last report, Hammond was asking a salesperson if they had the shoe in a size 11.

"I mean, if it's an actual shoe," he added. "If not, never mind."