Woman Delighted to Find Running Shoe in Pretty Lady Colors



A woman shopping for running shoes over the weekend was happy to find a pair in what she called "feminine colors." 

Alecia Beth Moore, 33, was browsing at a local Sport Sphere sporting goods store when she made the discovery.

"There was this huge wall of shoes," said Moore. "Honestly it was kind of overwhelming."

Moore said her eyes glazed over—until, that is, she spied a "pretty" pair of running shoes in purple and pink.

Pink and purple are for ladies.
— Alecia Beth Moore

"That's how I knew they were for me, a woman," she said. "Because of the pretty lady colors."

"Pink and purple are for ladies," she added, nodding.

Moore purchased the shoes—an outcome that didn't surprise at least one man.

"Another satisfied customer," said Carey Hart, president of the American Association of Athletic Shoe Producers.

"America's running shoe manufacturers know what women want," Hart said. "As a result, they offer women's shoes in a wide range of lady-friendly colors, from fuschia to magenta, lavender to lilac. Even mauve and orchid."

Hart said running shoe makers once considered offering women's running shoes in "man colors," but quickly dismissed the idea.

"Can you imagine the confusion that would cause?" he asked. "You'd have men and women walking around, asking, Is this a men's shoe? Or a women's shoe? I can't tell!"

Besides, he added, blue or red shoes would clash with the rest of a woman's running gear.

"Pink and purple jackets and shirts call for pink and purple shoes," he said. 

"Women love to match."