Half-Price Shoes Feel Fine, Woman Convinces Self



A pair of deeply discounted running shoes seem to fit well enough, a local woman told herself Sunday afternoon.

"These feel pretty good," said Wendy Darling, 33, as she tried the shoes out at the Runner's Zone running store. "Oh yeah, these are fine."

According to witnesses, Darling's body language told another story.

"She sort of grimaced when she put her foot in," one fellow customer told Dumb Runner. "Like she wasn't so sure."

Walking back and forth across the store in the shoes, Darling frowned.

The frown faded, however, as Darling took a second look at the box, which showed the shoes were marked down from $110 to $70. A sign on the rack advertised an additional "20% off the lowest marked price," bringing the total down to $56.

"Wow," she said, "so that's like, half price."

Darling, who hadn't planned on purchasing running shoes when she entered the store and who reportedly has never run in this particular model, re-boxed the shoes and took them to the counter.

"These are final sale," the sales associate told Darling as he prepared to finalize the sale. "So, unfortunately, no returns."

"That's OK," Darling replied. "They felt great."