Runner Fails to Rock Outfit

In a case that has attracted widespread attention, a local woman on Saturday tried, and failed, to rock her running outfit.

Pam Dawber, 28, was wearing black tights and a bright pink top when she headed out for her mid-morning run.

"It was simple, but cute," she said of her ensemble. "The shirt was new, and I'd really been looking forward to rocking it."

A glance in a full-length mirror, though, gave her pause, said Dawber.

"I looked cute, I guess," she said. "But I wasn't rocking that shirt."

I looked cute, I guess. But I wasn’t rocking that shirt.
— Pam Dawber

Thinking she might rock the shirt once she was actually running, Dawber headed out and began her run. She was about two miles in when she realized she was merely wearing her new shirt—not rocking it.

"I told myself, Who am I kidding?" she said. "I'm not even close to rocking this."

After taking a moment to collect her thoughts, Dawber said, she finished her run. Once home she announced her bad news on social media, sharing selfies of herself in the shirt.

"Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever rock anything," she wrote.

The posts quickly generated sympathy, and Dawber's friends went so far as to establish a GoFundMe page to buy Dawber a new running wardrobe. The goal is to raise $5,000.

"Every woman deserves athletic wear that she can rock," reads the campaign's introductory text. "Let's all chip in to make that happen for Pam."

As for her new pink shirt, Dawber says she'll likely give it away.

"What's the point of owning a running shirt you can't rock?" she said.