New Nike Podcast Will Follow Authors Writing Nike Book That Recounts Making of Nike Documentary About Nike Breaking2 Effort

A new podcast series from Nike, Inc. will chronicle the efforts of two Nike authors as they write a book that recounts the production of a documentary on Nike's "Breaking2" effort, according to a leak from the company's Oregon headquarters.

Breaking2, readers will recall, was the highly publicized effort to break the 2:00 barrier in the marathon. Three elite Nike runners were groomed and equipped for the attempt, which happened May 6 on an auto race track in Italy; ultimately only one, Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge, came close. He finished in 2:00:25.

Dumb Runner, in a worldwide exclusive, identified Nike in early May as the company quietly bankrolling Breaking2. Despite its pleas for privacy, the company—Nike—has been dogged by publicity and attention ever since.

These latest revelations won't offer Nike much relief.

An hourlong "Breaking2 documentary special" aired last week on NatGeo TV, itself generating buzz for Nike. Reacting to this response, Nike executives are fast-tracking a Nike book that will tell "the story behind the making of the Breaking2 documentary," according to our source. At Nike.

The Nike podcast, which the company had been hoping to roll out without fanfare, will detail the Nike book's creation from the point of view of its Nike authors with occasional "surprise Nike guests."

Contacted for comment, a Nike spokesman issued the following statement:

"Nike can neither confirm nor deny that it plans to roll out a podcast on the making of a book on the making of a documentary on Breaking2. As always, we prefer to focus not on ourselves, at Nike, but on Nike athletes sponsored by Nike.

"We also cannot comment on any possible plans for Breaking2 branded Nike sleepwear, Eliud Kipchoge action figures with Nike accessories sold separately, Nike/Monza Race Track play sets, Nike Breaking2 theme rides at Disney parks, or a full-length Nike Breaking2 feature film starring Don Cheadle and Charlize Theron with cameo by Nike co-founder Phil Knight."

"Nike," he added.