Man's Marathon Recovery Enters 33rd Week

A local runner is telling friends he's still recovering from a marathon he ran last fall, Dumb Runner has learned.

Philip Marlowe, 34, ran the Chandler (New Hampshire) Marathon in September 2017, finishing in 3:42:33. He hasn't run since, despite repeated invitations to do so, maintaining that he's still "feeling it," an apparent reference to the toll the race took on his body.

"Sorry, dude, I'm still in recovery mode," Marlowe said Friday in response to an invitation to join a group run over the weekend. He then mentioned that he might do a short bike ride or a yoga class instead.

Marlowe's recovery has affected other parts of his life, as well. In recent weeks he has declined offers to help a friend move, attend a cousin's wedding, and accompany his young niece to an amusement park, saying each time that he'd run a marathon and was still recovering.

"I'm trying to take it easy," Marlowe said each time. "I'm still feeling it from my marathon."