Concierge Has Idea For Where Guest Can Run


When a guest inquired recently about a good place to run, hotel concierge Robert Crane was quick with a response.

"I know just the place," Crane told the guest, a woman in town for a three-day conference. "The fitness path."

As he described how to find it—"go out the main entrance here and take a left, and it's just past the parking lot"—Crane produced a map showing the path's various twists and turns and cut-offs.

The asphalt path winds through a park adjacent to the hotel and includes various "fitness stations" along the way, with chin-up bars, benches, balance beams, and so on. 

A full loop, all the way around, is 0.9 mile.
— Robert Crane, hotel concierge

"A full loop, all the way around, is 0.9 mile," he said. 

"That's a pretty solid run," he added. "Would you like a complimentary bottle of water to take with you?"

The guest, who Dumb Runner learned later intended to run eight miles that day, declined the water.

The woman also ignored Crane's advice, instead turning right as she exited the hotel, toward the city's waterfront. Using landmarks and educated guesses, she was able to log 7.8 miles that included a tour of the city's neighborhoods, including its historic district, and a long out-and-back along the river.

Upon returning to the hotel, the woman jogged the fitness path's 0.9-mile loop as a cooldown.