'I Don't Care About Pace,' Says Woman Who's Always Half a Step Ahead


A local runner has declared that she doesn't care how fast she goes, describing herself to a new running partner Sunday as a "totally noncompetitive person" and also "so slow."

"I just go for fun," she said, when her partner asked how fast she typically runs. "I don't care about pace."

She then spent the entirety of the ensuing six-mile run at least half a step ahead, slowing or speeding up as needed to maintain her lead.

The woman, a 25-year-old named Maddie Hayes, has a history of such behavior, Dumb Runner has learned.

"It doesn't matter how far we're running, or where, or whatever," said David Addison, a member of an area running club that also includes Hayes. "Maddie is consistently just ahead of whoever happens to be running at the front."

She exhibits the same behavior in races, as well, Addison said.

"I ran last fall's Turkey Trot with Maddie and a few other friends," he recalled. "We all agreed we weren't really going to race the thing—just do it for fun."

"Right from the gun," he said, "Maddie took off and ran, like, three to five feet ahead of us. For the entire race."

It's a vexing problem, Addison said, because it makes conversation difficult.

"And frankly," he said, "it's annoying."

Reached for comment, Hayes told Dumb Runner that she's "a total low-key sort of runner."

"Honestly?" she said. "I don't care about pace."