Nuun Rolls Out 'Nuun None' Placebo Tablets


Nuun, the maker of effervescent hydration tablets, has expanded its product line over the years to include offerings for immunity, rest and recovery, and vitamins, in addition to its original electrolyte tablets.

Now the company is introducing what’s believed to be the industry’s first line of placebo tablets, called Nuun None, which, it says, “taps into the power of the human mind.”

A placebo is an inert substance with no therapeutic value—anything, according to WebMD, “that seems to be a ‘real’ medical treatment—but isn't.” True to that definition, Nuun None contains no active ingredients.

“The exciting thing about Nuun None is its versatility,” said Brian Molko, a company spokesperson. “You can think it’s having virtually any effect or effects you want, depending on what you believe. How cool is that?”

In other words, if you believe a Nuun None tablet dissolved in your water will help you relax, you will likely feel relaxed. If you believe it will boost your energy levels, you’ll probably feel more energized. Nuun None can even improve your libido, if that’s what you believe it will do.

Skeptics may doubt the efficacy of what is, essentially, a sugar pill. But according to Molko, “Nuun None is, by any measurable standard, exactly as effective as our other products.”

Nuun None, which retails for $9.00 per package of 10 tablets, is available wherever Nuun is sold.