New Gatorade NAZAL Promises 'Instant Rush'

Gatorade, the sports nutrition giant, has unveiled its latest product—a first-of-its-kind "sports energy powder" meant not to be drunk or eaten, but snorted.

The product, called Gatorade NAZAL, is aimed at on-the-go athletes looking for "a little bump" before or during competition or training, according to company spokesman Tony Montana.

While the product contains many of the same ingredients as the company's other products, Montana explained, the nutrients and electrolytes in NAZAL are absorbed much more quickly into the bloodstream.

"One or two snorts of NAZAL," he said, "and you feel an instant rush. Euphoric, almost."

Early reports from consumers are positive.

"I normally use sports drink before and during my long runs," said Elvira Hancock, 28, a data analyst in Chicago. "Last Sunday, I tried a little NAZAL instead."


"Not only did one little packet power me through my 16-miler," she said, "but it inspired me to score a second packet afterward, just to keep things going. I ran another 8 miles, then cleaned my bathroom, brushed the dogs, painted the living room, alphabetized my spices, and went out to find some more NAZAL."

"Man, this stuff is addictive!" she said, rubbing her nose. "Ha ha!"

Gatorade NAZAL, which is only available in Lemon Lime flavor for now, is sold in individual 1-gram packets, cases of 24, or one-kilo mounds.

For a limited time, however, Montana said, "The first one's free."