GU Rolls Out Seafood-Inspired Flavors

Background Photo by  Lena Neva / Pexels

Background Photo by Lena Neva/Pexels

GU Energy Labs has introduced a line of energy gels in savory seafood flavors, marketed to “runners tired of the same old, same old” sweet varieties. It marks an abrupt change for the 25-year-old sports nutrition brand, which traditionally has trafficked in more conservative flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit, and berry.

“For millennia, the sea has represented exploration, opportunity, and new frontiers,” the company said in a news release. “It is in that spirit that GU is proud to introduce eight exciting new energy gel flavors inspired by the ocean’s bounty.”

The new flavors include Salted Cod, Tangy Tuna, Crab, Arctic Char, Poached Halibut, Sea Bass, and Anchovy. In perhaps its most divergent offering yet, GU is also offering Oyster, described this way:

Our OYSTER flavor is, well… an oyster! Specifically, a sustainably harvested Atlantic oyster, vacuum-sealed for freshness and packed in a natural briny gel. Just rip ‘n’ slurp!

The company also said it is planning an extensive marketing campaign to promote the new flavors, including ads (“Good Catch!”, “Get Your Vitamin Sea,” “Flavor Ahoy!”), product giveaways, and a quirky Superbowl Halftime spot featuring Christopher Walken in a getup inspired by the Gorton’s Fisherman.

The new flavors, GU said, are dolphin-safe.