Wow! Check Out These 5 Celebs Who Won't Be Running the 2017 NYC Marathon

On November 5, an estimated 50,000 runners will compete in the 2017 New York City Marathon—and we know five celebrities who won't be among them!

Keep scrolling, and prepare to be floored!


Harrison Ford

The original Indy rock star hates snakes and Nazis and... running? We can't say for sure, but he surely will not be running NYC this November! Maybe instead he'll fly one of his planes somewhere—Solo!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She's the Veep of our hearts, and we'd pay good money to see what sort of funky dance she might perform at the finish line of the New York City Marathon—but looks like that won't happen this year, because she won't be running! Not that there's anything wrong with that!


Danny DeVito

This film fave won't be running the New York City Marathon! Will he take a Taxi with Other People's Money to cheer on runners at the finish line? We wouldn't put it past this Shorty! Hey, Be Cool—it's a Term of Endearment!


Katie Couric

Yahoo! America's Sweetheart has a killer journalistic resume behind that dazzling smile! Will she be running this year's New York City Marathon? We won't make you wait 60 Minutes for the answer—it's no!


George Strait