We Have an Audacious Goal, and You Can Help (Bonus: With Video!)



Hello, friends.

Once again it is time for our quarterly pledge drive. WAIT! DON'T GO! This will be painless, and it'll take just a few minutes of your time. Honest.

As a reader of Dumb Runner, you may have noticed that we don't run outside ads. Ever. You won't see 'em here on DumbRunner.com or in our weekly newsletter, The Dumb Dozen. You won't see "sponsored posts," either, or promotions masquerading as reviews. We prefer it that way, and we imagine you do too.

Here's the thing, though: Creating all this stuff takes a lot of time—I spend at least one full day each week on the newsletter alone—and it costs real money. Which is where you come in.

As I do every three months, today I'm asking for your help. If you regularly laugh at our articles, share our Motivational Posters, or look forward to opening each week's issue of The Dumb Dozen—if you value what we do and how we do it—please consider showing us by making a donation via PayPal or, better yet, by becoming a monthly supporter, at any level, via Patreon.com.

Both options are easy, quick, and secure.

To turn up the heat a little, this time I'm introducing a challenge. A goal, really. A goal that is so audacious, it can be shared only via video...

Here's how you can help:


As always, to our current supporters: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your help means so much.

To all who are about to join them: Thanks in advance, and welcome.

I love what I'm doing with Dumb Runner, and with your continued support I hope to keep doing it for some time to come.

Yours Truly,

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