Woman Pretty Sure 5K's Ban on Strollers Doesn't Apply to Her



Explaining that she is very careful and will "stay out of people's way," a local mom said she was sure an upcoming 5K's ban on strollers did not apply to her.

"Yeah, they say 'No dogs, no strollers,' but, you know," said Bonnie Parker, 32. "It'll be fine."

The race in question, the Middletown Parks Joggest August 5K, explicitly forbids strollers of any kind, citing "the potential for injuries to participants, including children." The prohibition is spelled out on the event website's Rules and Regulations page, on the homepage of the official website, and in the race packet accompanying each participant's bib number.

Parker, who has a 19-month-old son, said she regularly runs with her child in a jogging stroller.

"We've run together a bunch," she said. "I can see why (the organizers) would say 'no strollers,' but in our case, it's all good."

"We won't start in the front," she explained. "And I'll turn my tunes down to a safe level."

The 5K also forbids MP3 players, headphones, and earbuds.

Asked for comment, the event's organizers directed a reporter to the website's Rules and Regulations page and reiterated that the exclusion of strollers helps to ensure the safety of all—adults as well as children. They also said the event is required to prohibit things like strollers, skates, and animals by the event's insurance provider.

Parker brushed aside such concerns.

"They have to say that stuff," she said. "Yada yada yada, legal mumbo-jumbo."

"It'll be fine," she said, again.  

Witnesses at the 5K's packet pickup location later reported that Parker left her SUV in a handicap parking space, despite having no permit or placard, explaining to onlookers that she "would only be a few minutes."