Here's How You Can #Run4Sweden

Friends, if you are anything like us you are probably feeling stunned, bewildered, angry, and helpless after hearing about the recent terror attack in Sweden that never happened.

You are probably also wondering what you can do at a time like this.

Well, here is what we're doing: We're going for a run.

A run to clear our heads. To think. To try to get a handle on what exactly is happening in this crazy world of ours.

Most important, to remember all of our Swedish brothers and sisters during this time of turmoil. Especially those who weren't lost in a recent terror attack that didn't happen, but so easily could have been lost, had an attack actually occurred, which it didn't, but still.

We will also be thinking of running itself, and its power to bring clarity, serenity, and perspective, and how much better the world might be if more people would avail themselves of these things. Not that we're thinking of one person in particular or anything.

If you care to join us, here is a bib number that you can print and wear.


Please share. And run in peace.