Woman Runs Entire Marathon While Juggling Career, Family



For most people, running a marathon is hard enough—but Samantha Stephens is not most people. The 36-year-old attorney from Akron, Ohio, recently ran a full marathon while juggling her work and home life for the entire race.

Stephens accomplished her feat at last Sunday's Waynesburg (Pa.) Marathon, cheered on by her husband and two children, ages 2 and 5. She finished in a chip time of 3:38:40, maintaining her work-home balance perfectly every step of the way.

"Not once did she fail to pay adequate attention to her family and personal life at the expense of her professional self," said Race Director Larry Tate. "And vice versa."

"It was amazing, frankly. I don't know how she did it."

Pending verification, Tate said, that will be a new Guinness World Record.

The current record for juggling career and family during a marathon is 3:51:03, held by Agnes Moorehead, a civil engineer and mother of four from Bristol, England—though some questioned that performance, claiming to have spotted Moorehead's nanny assisting her during the race.   

Record or not, Stephens said she's happy with her performance. She credits years of training for her success.

"I've been juggling career and family ever since law school," she told reporters shortly after finishing the race. "At this point, it's just second nature."

She then excused herself to give her children a snack.