NipGuards Introduces NipGuards XL for Men With Huge Nipples


Men with big nipples, rejoice—now there's a nipple protection product just for you.


NipGuard XL is aimed at "men with XL nipples," according to a news release from RunGuard, the maker of NipGuards and other anti-chafing goods.

"For too long, male runners with larger-than-usual nipples have been made to feel like second-class citizens," the news release said. "No more. With NipGuard XL, these men will finally have an anti-chafing product designed expressly for them and their nipples."

The XL model is just like the company's traditional NipGuard, only bigger—a full 4.5 inches across, to be exact. Or, as the news release said, "Generous enough to protect nipples and areolas up to the size of a McDonald's hamburger patty." 

The company promised even more line extensions in the coming months, including NipGuard R/L, asymmetrical pads designed specifically for the left and right nipple; NipGuard Xtra, sold in sets of three, for men with superfluous third nipples; and NipGuard Strips, a larger, rectangular version of the classic NipGuard, which can also be used to cover and protect minor wounds.

NipGuard XL guards are available in canisters of 20 and retail for $14.99.