New Running Shoe Has Kind of Foam Totally Different From Other Kinds of Foam

A new running shoe contains a special kind of foam that is "totally, 100% different" from the foam found in all other running shoes, according to its manufacturer. 

The SPAZ'm, from Mizauconus, is "the result of years and years and years of very expensive research," the company said in a press release.

The foam in question is called Carom GeniusBlast FluidFoam, which Mizauconus is calling "completely new" and "a game changer."

— Mizauconus spokesperson

Carom GeniusBlast FluidFoam contains polymers and also science, the company said. Other running shoes have foam, it said, but not foam like this. This foam is new and better.

Instead of compressing underfoot and then expanding in the same old way, it said, Carom GeniusBlast FluidFoam compresses and expands in a different way.

"Foam," said a Mizauconus spokesperson.

Dumb Runner was lucky enough to snag an early pair of SPAZ'm shoes, and we took them on a 3-mile test run. We can confirm that they deliver a great ride. 

We got to keep the shoes.

The SPAZ'm, available this spring, will retail for $240.