Advertisement for Product Adjacent to Article About Product



In a one-two punch of brand awareness, a full-page ad for a running jacket in this month's issue of Outdoors magazine appears directly opposite a review of the same jacket.

The editorial review, titled "The Great Coverup" and written by the magazine's associate gear editor, is on page 42. In a brief bit of text, the author describes the jacket in question—the BettR Shell, by Mizauconus—as "a wardrobe staple that will fast become your go-to outer layer, whether it's a cool fall morning or a deep-freeze February night." The advertisement features a model wearing the jacket and bounding up some steps.

Perhaps I should buy this. The editors sure seem to like it.
— Duane Allman, magazine reader

The BettR Shell has a suggested retail price of $179. It's unclear how much the full-page advertisement cost.

The placement is a tremendous stroke of luck for Mizauconus, a running gear maker based in Connecticut and a regular Outdoors advertiser. 

"We are delighted by this happy coincidence," said Eric Clapton, a company spokesperson. "We couldn't have planned it better ourselves."

Reaction from readers, too, has been positive.

"I like it, because at first the ad caught my eye and then I looked over to the left, and there was an editorial assessment of the very same product," said Duane Allman, 37, an outdoors enthusiast in Atlanta. "I found it super convenient."

"I don't really need a new jacket, but perhaps I should buy this one," he said. "The editors sure seem to like it."