Marathon Cheating Website Rebrands as

A popular website that spotlights alleged marathon cheaters is relaunching as something completely new, its creator said in a statement today.

Effective immediately, will be rebranded as and will focus exclusively on exposing shoppers who abuse express checkout lanes.

“( has been a lot of fun,” said the site’s founder, Eric Estrada, a self-appointed guardian of public and private integrity. “But after a few years of naming and shaming runners, it’s time for something new.”

Estrada gave no explanation for the timing of the change.

The statement continued:

Across the nation, hundreds—perhaps thousands—of supermarket patrons use the express checkout lane when they clearly don’t merit a place there, flouting the rules with impunity and inconveniencing countless honest shoppers.

For years, they’ve gotten away with it.

That ends today.

The site is already off to a strong start, with a 1,200-word article about a man at a Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Shop ‘n’ Save. The man, identified as Larry Wilcox, was seen last Thursday placing 16 items on the store’s Express Lane belt.

The upper limit for that store’s Express Lane is 12 items, Estrada confirmed with the store’s manager.


Almost instantly, the article garnered dozens of reader comments, ranging from “What an arrogant ass” to “This guy is a real loser.”

Other visitors took the opportunity to thank Estrada for his efforts.

“Great stuff, Eric, as usual,” wrote one anonymous commenter. “Keep up the good work.”

In a postscript to his statement, Estrada noted that he is available for media interviews.