Woman a Little Too Pleased With Herself for Leaving Old Guy in Dust



A young woman blazed past a much older man during a race last weekend, flashing a self-congratulatory smile that observers described as “a bit much,” Dumb Runner has learned.

Karen Hill, 32, was a little more than halfway through the Lufthansa Half-Marathon when she noticed Paul Cicero, 67, about 100 meters in front of her and set out to reel him in.

The reeling, observers said, did not take much effort.

“I’d say she was moving along at about 8-minute pace,” said Janice Rossi, a spectator who saw the scene play out. “The old guy? More like, I don’t know… 10-minute pace? Maybe slower?”

Several witnesses corroborated Rossi’s assessment, noting that Hill looked to be half Cicero’s age and “clearly in much better shape.”

“(Cicero) didn’t look so good,” said James Conway, another spectator, who saw the two-time heart attack survivor at an aid station around mile 4. “He grabbed a cup of Gatorade and walked pretty slow as he sipped it. Then he started running again.”

As Hill reached Cicero, around the mile 7 marker, observers said she “kicked into high gear” and surged past the grandfather of four, grinning ear to ear.

“I can’t be sure,” said Rossi, the spectator, “but it seemed like she did a little ‘yesss’ to herself, under her breath, as she passed.”

Rossi said the whole thing struck her as “unseemly.”

“I was, like, Congratulations, girl. You just blew the doors off Grandpa.

“Dude was old,” she said, shrugging. “I mean, you know. Old.”