7 Images of Rod Rosenstein's Face Photoshopped Onto Runners' Bodies That We're Publishing In a Desperate Attempt to Seem Relevant

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is in the news, thanks to a flurry of reports Monday morning that he might quit his post or be fired by President Donald Trump.

Those reports proved premature, and Rosenstein still has his job—for now.

Still, the news has social media abuzz and we want in on that. So here are seven doctored images that we slapped together, with Rosenstein’s head grafted onto the bodies of runners.


Here is Rod Rosenstein out for a little jog. Just clearing his head, probably. Looking good, Rod!


Nothing like a little ocean air to make you feel alive, right, Rod? Ha ha. No need to answer us. You’re trying to enjoy your run. We get it.


Rod! Oh my gosh!


Let the others go, Rod—you run your own race!


Those aren’t really running shoes, Rod—but, judging from your body language, you don’t give a fig! Good for you.


Born to run? More like born to rock. You sure your name isn’t Springsteen?


Anyway, here’s another dumb photo of a runner with Rod Rosenstein’s head on it.