Man Wishes He Had Time to Run

A local man has declared that he wishes he had time to run.

Jason Seaver, 45, an insurance claims adjuster and married father of two, made the announcement during a recent neighborhood block party. According to several sources who attended the gathering but aren't authorized to speak about it publicly, the subject came up as Seaver was making small talk with Rose Nylund, a neighbor and avid runner.

"Jason's been (in the neighborhood) for years, but Rose is relatively new," said a man who overheard their conversation. "So they were sort of breaking the ice."

Yeah, I wish I had time to run.
— Jason Seaver, 45

After a few remarks on the weather and some nearby rose bushes, he said, Seaver mentioned that he'd seen Nylund out running and asked how often and how far she ran.

"She told Jason that she runs about four times a week and she's training for her first half-marathon," the source said. 

Seaver seemed impressed, he said, then told Nylund "that's really great," adding "Yeah, I wish I had time to run."

A study released last year by Nielsen found that the average American watches five hours and 4 minutes of television per day.

At that point, sources said, the conversation returned to the weather before Seaver checked his watch and excused himself.

Reports that Seaver later told another neighbor "I wish I had time to read books" could not be independently verified.