Man Enjoys Running

When it comes to running, local man Carl Spackler is crystal clear: He enjoys it.

"I run often," says the social media manager, 26. "Sometimes I run 4 miles. Other times I run 5 miles. It depends."

What never varies, he says, is his level of enjoyment while doing so.

"My enjoyment level," he says, "is high. For sure."

"If you gave me a true/false quiz and it had the question, Do you enjoy running? the answer would definitely be True."

Spackler says he enjoys many things, from hanging out with friends to watching television, but running holds a special place.

"When it comes to things I enjoy," he says, "I'd say running is right up there."

As much as he enjoys running, Spackler says, he tries not to take it too seriously.

"I like have fun with it," he adds. "For example, I've been known to call the treadmill the dreadmill."

Another time, he says, after a particularly long run he posted on Facebook that he was prepared to "eat all the foods."

Spackler's daily routine, he says, looks something like this: He wakes up, does some light stretches, selects a running outfit, grabs his phone and earbuds, heads out the door, and greets the morning.

And then, he says, comes the best part—he runs.

"I sure do enjoy it."