What Do We Have in Common With an Internet Radio Station?

Courtesy  SomaFM

Courtesy SomaFM

At first blush, a humorous website for runners has little in common with an internet radio station.

Actually it has little in common at second and third blush, too. At fourth blush, however, you'll notice a few interesting parallels—at least when the website in question is DumbRunner.com and the internet radio station is Indie Pop Rocks! from SomaFM.

  1. They are both fun. (Or at least try to be.)
  2. They can both, over time, become a happy part of your routine.
  3. They both are independent and ad-free, relying on donations from their fans to pay the bills.

I love Indie Pop Rocks! and have for years. More often than not, it's the background noise here at Dumb Runner HQ. (I'm listening to it as I write this.) I've discovered some great new music thanks to it. And I appreciate the fact that it's free of obnoxious ads. So when they ask for money, which they do from time to time, I give them some money. Only seems fair.

If you feel the same way about Dumb Runner and our newsletter, The Dumb Dozen, I hope you'll take a few minutes to show your support with a small pledge. (Or, you know, a large one.) Because today kicks off our 3-Day Fall Pledge Drive, one of just a few times a year that we actively ask you to help us out.

There are two ways you can do so, and they're both simple:

Click this button to visit my Patreon page and register to make a monthly pledge, of any amount: 

Patreon is easy to use, and you can edit or end your pledge any time you wish. (I do offer some incentives for monthly supporters, at various pledge levels. For details, click through to my Patreon page and look under "Rewards.")

Or you can make a one-time donation via PayPal. Just click the Donate button below. (This will take you to the PayPal page for Laurelhurst Media, my LLC.)

(To everyone who already supports or has supported Dumb Runner, whether it's $1 a month or $10, or a one-time donation: Thank you. I am so grateful for your help.)

~          ~          ~

As I note on our Support Dumb Runner page, "being independent means that I write to please one audience and one audience alone: You."

I hope that you value this independence, and the lack of bullshit that comes with it, as much as I do. I hope that you enjoy what you see from Dumb Runner week after week. With your support, we'll keep cranking it out.  

Rock on.

Yours Truly,

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