Local Runner Kicks Off 2019 With First Injury of the Year



While many of us were sleeping off hangovers this morning, a local man woke early, laced up his running shoes, and inaugurated the New Year with a crippling injury.

Eddie Rabbit, 34, said he opted to forgo New Year's Eve parties last night so he'd be ready to spring out of bed and "hit the road" to ring in 2019. He made it about a mile and a half before piercing pain in his right knee ended his run.

"I don't get it," Rabbit told Dumb Runner. "I was plenty rested, since I took November and December off completely. And I felt great when I started. In fact, I did the first mile in 6:23. But then my knee started feeling funny."

Rabbit said he ignored the twinge in his knee at first. But the "funny feeling" quickly grew painful, ending his run prematurely.

He turned around and limped back home.

"Probably should have worn my compression tights," he said later. "Or stretched harder before I headed out."

In any case, Rabbit said, he remains undaunted.

"It's all good," he said. "I'll take another month off and try again in February."