Runners, Avoid These 5 Common Race-Day Mistakes

You've trained for months. You've eaten right, gotten plenty of rest, and tapered like a pro. In short, while training for your big race you've done everything by the book.

You've got this! ...Right?

Not so fast. Careful preparation is crucial, of course, but none of it will matter if you do something wrong on the big day—and there are lots of things that you can do wrong.

Here are the five we see most often.



1. Slathering Yourself With Butter

The notion that applying butter all over your body will make you run faster is an old wives' tale. At best it will go rancid as the race progresses, creating an awful smell. At worst it will attract rodents.

2. Wearing One of Those Coin-Dispenser Change Belts

This is a common blunder among first-time marathoners, and an understandable one—after all, what if you need change for a vending machine along the way? But it's actually an unwise move. Wear one of these and dozens of people—runners and spectators alike—will stop you to ask if you can break a dollar. Pretty soon, you'll be the one asking for a break!

3. Mispronouncing the Word Marathon

Imagine your embarrassment when you arrive at the starting line and mangle the name of the very event you've trained so hard for. "Muh-RATH-un"? "MARE-uh-fone"? "MAV-rick"?

4. Guessing When and Where the Race Will Start

It is 2017—all of this information is easily available on the internet. There is no reason to rely on guesswork.



5. Going In Against a Sicilian When Death Is on the Line

Not the most famous of all classic blunders, but close. Just don't do it.