Gatorade Introduces 'GatorVape' Electrolyte Juice


Gatorade, the sports nutrition giant, announced today that it’s launching a line of electrolyte-infused “e-juices”—concentrated liquids for use in e-cigarettes and vaping pens.

Known as GatorVape, the line is sold in dropper bottles and includes such familiar flavors as Fruit Punch, Fierce Grape, Melon, and classic Lemon-Lime.

“As the industry leader, Gatorade has always been on the cutting edge of sports nutrition,” said company spokesman Tony Montana. “For us, GatorVape electrolyte e-juice is the next logical step.”

In addition to its original line of sports drinks, the company offers variations including “Smooth,” “Intense,” “Cool,” low-sugar, sugar-free, and organic; protein powders; protein shakes; protein bars; fuel bars; energy chews; a line of Endurance powders, drinks, gels, and chews; and a recently introduced line of “protein powder” and “recovery powder” called G ESSNT.

In an ad and social media campaign targeting younger consumers, the company is positioning GatorVape as a cool, hip alternative to those products.

“Each hit of GatorVape delivers energy and electrolytes you need to stay active,” reads one advertisement, “and the cool, bold flavor you’ve come to expect from Gatorade.”

The ad ends with the hashtag #BreatheDeep.

Montana, the Gatorade spokesman, stressed that GatorVape does not include nicotine—but did note that the company is already exploring product line extensions, including GatorVape BOLD, GatorVape CLEAN, GatorVape Recovery, GatorVape Keto, and GatorVape Core.

“Like our customers,” he said, “Gatorade is interested in one thing and one thing only: Relentless, unchecked growth.”