7 Photos of Runners Slaking Their Thirst, Just Because We Like the Word 'Slake'


1. "The Classic Slake Shot." That's what we imagine professional photographers call this sort of photo. "OK, now let's get a Classic Slake," they'll say during a photo shoot. Or maybe "C-Slake," for short.


2. "I'm a little teapot, short and stout; here is my handle, here is my... SLAKE." We like the way you slake, Ms. Sassy!


3. Why is this guy wearing a jacket that looks like Google? Even he doesn't know. All he knows is, he's got a powerful thirst and he's gotta slake it.

4. "Wait," you might say. "This guy isn't slaking anything. What kind of bullshit article is this, anyway?" To which we would reply, "You think that big bottle of water he's holding is for decoration? Be patient." 


5. Hey, bud, whatcha listening to? Emerson, Slake & Palmer? LOL


6. "Slake...? Slake...?"


7. When you're in the woods do you ever imagine the trees are, like, hairs? And you're a tiny creature on some giant animal's skin? Anyway, here's a woman doing a Nature Slake.