These Muffins Will Make You Say 'Holy Shit These Are Good Muffins'

If you're anything like us, you love a good muffin—but don't love the fat and sugar they're usually loaded with.

Well, have we got a muffin for you.

These muffins have cranberries, we guess, and instead of the "chemicals" found in store-bought baked goods these contain stuff that's good for you. Flaxseed or something. Probably some superfoods in there too.

But, holy shit, they are so good. You won't believe it.

Did you get a load of that photo? Admit it—the photo is why you clicked the link, right? Because you saw that photo and thought to yourself, Damn, those are some tasty-looking muffins.

Can't you just imagine peeling back those muffin cup liners and sinking your teeth into that warm, crumble-topped goodness? Yeah you can. Don't they look moist? Yeah they do. Doesn't that bowl of fresh cranberries in the background, in soft focus, convey a sense of homemade wholesomeness? You bet your ass it does.

The fact that this article was shared by a running website probably also had you thinking, You know what, those muffins must also be sort of healthy. Tasty muffins without the guilt? Uh, hello? Win-win!

Then you thought, I will click that link then skim the article and print it out or email it to myself so I can remember later to make these muffins. Maybe this weekend.

Well, that is completely understandable. Because oh my God, these muffins.

Plus, they make a great breakfast "on the go." Just toss a couple of these in your bag or backpack and you are all set. Morning, fueled.

You could even throw them at friends and family members, from a distance. They might be annoyed at first—like, What the hell, why'd you just throw that at me?—until, that is, they retrieve the muffin and take a bite. Then they would understand why you threw that at them.

Here is an extreme close-up photograph of some oats.

A couple of warnings:

  • If you are allergic to DELICIOUSNESS, you'd better steer clear of these muffins because they are absolutely packed with it.
  • You should probably not eat these muffins in public or at work, unless you have an office with a door and the door is closed. Because every time you take a bite you will scream, "Holy shit these are good muffins" or "Are you f***ing kidding me with this taste?"

In rare cases, people consuming these muffins have reported spontaneous orgasm. 

Anyway, we wish we could find the recipe. It was around here somewhere.