Man Still Haunted by Last Friday's 4.93-Mile Run

A local man is still beating himself up over a run he finished three days ago, Dumb Runner has learned.

Harvey Korman, 28, a self-described avid runner training for a marathon, was scheduled to run five easy miles Friday. Instead, according to his GPS watch, he logged 4.93 miles—and then didn’t run another step.

“What the hell was I thinking?” Korman was heard muttering to himself this morning. “I was so close.”

The incident consumed Korman’s thoughts through the weekend and into Monday, witnesses said, affecting his personal life as well as his work.

“We had plans to see a movie Saturday night,” said Carol Burnett, a close friend. “Harvey texted me, saying he had to bail because he had ‘a lot of thinking to do.’”

This morning, witnesses said, Korman arrived late at his I.T. job. Coworkers described him as anxious and irritable.

“Harvey is usually very punctual,” said Timothy Conway, Korman’s manager. “This morning he rolled in, like, 12 minutes late. When I asked if everything was OK, he just stared over my shoulder, whispering, ‘So close… so close.’”

“I’m a little worried about him, to be honest.”

The next run in Korman’s plan calls for six miles. However, sources said, Korman intends to run 6.07 miles—“to restore balance.”