27 Anagrams of 'Chicago Marathon'

bradhoc , Wikimedia

bradhoc, Wikimedia

This Sunday, about 40,000 runners will "lace up their sneakers," "toe the line," and "hit the streets" for the 2016 Bank of America® "Thank God We Turned Down That Wells Fargo® Sponsorship Offer" Chicago Marathon®.

If you'll be running the race—or maybe even if you won't be—you probably have lots of questions. Questions like, "Who's in the elite field this year?" and "Will I be able to watch Sunday's race online?" and "Where can I find advice on running the Chicago Marathon that includes the phrase coked-up rhino?"

Most crucially, you are probably asking, "Can you make any good anagrams out of the letters in Chicago Marathon?"

Readers, Dumb Runner is here to help. 

The answers to those first three questions are, well... right up there. That's what the hyperlinks are for. It's 2016, guys. Do we really need to explain how hyperlinks work?

For the answer to that final question we turned to the Internet Anagram Server. The answer is: Yes. Yes, you can make many good anagrams out of the letters in Chicago Marathon.

Here are 27 of them.

  1. Harmonica Cat Hog
  2. Marching Cahoot
  3. Maraca Chino Goth
  4. Anarchic Moot Hag
  5. Archaic Math Goon
  6. Hot Carcinoma Hag
  7. Got Carcinoma? Hah! 
  8. Chairman Taco Hog
  9. Maniac Roach Goth
  10. Macaroni Chat Hog
  11. Macaroon Hag Itch
  12. Tarmac Aching Ooh
  13. A Garmin Hooch Cart
  14. Hootch Cram? Again?
  15. Aroma Gotcha Chin
  16. Thoracic Hag Moan
  17. Chaotic Groan Ham
  18. Caroming Taco! Hah
  19. Racing Ham Cahoot
  20. Organic Macho Hat
  21. Harmonic Taco Hag
  22. Ooh, A Marching Act
  23. A Charming Taco? Oh
  24. Hoo! A Racing Match
  25. Macho Orca Hating
  26. A Moth Hair Cognac

And finally, there's this:

  27. Gotcha Mocha Rain

Which reminds me of this:

Which is fantastic.

Good luck to everyone running Chicago this weekend!