Man's 'Fitness Journey' Frankly Not That Inspirational

Frank Stallone still remembers the moment he decided to become a runner.

“I was about to turn 30, and decided it was time to get back into shape,” said Stallone, 34. “So I bought some running shoes and signed up for my first ever 5K.”

It wasn’t that difficult, Stallone recalled. He followed a 12-week online training plan and ran the race in 26 minutes 40 seconds.

“I’ve always been pretty fit,” he said, shrugging. “To be honest, I didn’t have to train that hard to finish the 5K.”

Stallone’s fitness journey is not all that inspirational, now that we think about it. The marketing associate, who has always been reasonably healthy, has never lost a limb, or become dangerously ill. He’s never had cancer or any other serious disease or condition.

At 5 feet 10 inches and 162 pounds, Stallone isn’t obese or even overweight and never has been.

”My weight has been pretty stable ever since high school,” he said. “I guess I’m just one of those people who’s naturally lean, no matter what.”

To the best of his memory, Stallone said, he has never “bounced back” from anything, had to overcome any real obstacles, or faced any significant setbacks in his upper-middle-class life—physically, psychologically, emotionally, financially, or otherwise.

“I have to admit,” he said, “I’m not sure why you’re profiling me. I’m just a guy who was kind of fit to begin with, ran a 5K, and got hooked on running.”

Hooked? As in, “addicted”?

“No, no,” he said. “That’s a figure of speech.”

Pressed on the question, Stallone confessed that he did use marijuana recreationally in college and once, at a party, tried cocaine.

As for his plans for the future, Stallone said he’s training for a half-marathon and has no plans to slow down.

“Why would I?” he said. “I enjoy it, and it comes pretty easy to me.”