Marathon Running Dullard Hopes to Inspire Other Dullards

Being a dullard isn't slowing down Chris Knight.

Knight, 31, has been running for four years and recently finished his seventh half-marathon, despite the fact that he's not very bright.

"I like to say I'm a dullard, not a don'tard," he says, grinning.

The local real estate office manager, who began running on a dare from a friend and now logs about 25 miles a week, says he knew from a very early age that he wasn't like other kids.

"I was fine, physically and mentally," he says before pausing, his mouth slightly agape. "Just sort of slow and vacant and incurious. A dullard, if you will."

"I spent a lot of time kind of staring at things," he adds. "You know."

Today, he visits local schools as a guest speaker, encouraging young simpletons to "keep reaching until you reach something."

"My message to the kids," he says, "is, Don't let being a dullard stand in your way—you can achieve great things."

For Knight, those great things will soon include a full marathon; he says he's close to signing up for one as early as next spring.

"My hope is that I'll inspire other dullards," he says. "Whether it's running a marathon, or spelling the word necessary, or watching a movie with subtitles, my message to the dullards of the world is, Go for it!"

"If this lumbering halfwit can do it," he says, "any lumbering halfwit can.”

He pauses again, staring at something.

"Maybe I should have a podcast."



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