Tracksmith Introduces Line of 'Fun, Affordable' Casual Wear


Tracksmith, the Massachusetts-based purveyor of pricey, high-end running apparel and accessories, announced it’s launching a line of “fun, affordable” merchandise aimed at runners on a budget.

The NeonZ™ collection comprises thick cotton tees starting at $12, baggy polyester shorts from $18, and nylon drawstring bags for $10. Shoppers who spend at least $30 will get a free NeonZ™ beer koozie.

“NeonZ™ is for runners who covet Tracksmith’s cachet but can’t afford to spend $78 on a shirt or $228 on a tote bag,” said Track Smith, the company’s founder and namesake. “We are very excited to make our brand more accessible to more runners.”

Traxter, the NeonZ™ mascot

Traxter, the NeonZ™ mascot

As its name suggests, NeonZ™ gear is a departure in another big way—in contrast to Tracksmith’s traditional gear, subdued in color and conservative in design, the NeonZ™ collection will use eye-catching colors and bold graphics.

The line will also have its own mascot, the company said: A bow-tied, sunglasses-wearing cartoon rabbit named Traxter will feature prominently not just in marketing materials, but on NeonZ™ gear itself.

Tracksmith’s original mascot, a hare named Eliot, was hand drawn by a British illustrator; Traxter, true to the nature of the NeonZ™ brand, is from a stock photo website.

“Traxter is like Eliot’s chill cousin,” said Smith. “He works hard and plays hard, and definitely has a healthy dose of attitude.”

“Plus he knows a good deal when he sees it.”

Tracksmith’s NeonZ™ goes on sale next week.