Nike Boycott Not Retroactive, Decides Guy Who Dropped $250 on Zoom Vaporflys Last Week

A local man announced today that he is joining the #BoycottNike movement, but not retroactively—a decision that will let him keep the pair of Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% shoes he bought last week.

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% retails for $250.

"Nike's decision to promote a divisive and, frankly, un-American character like Colin Kaepernick tells me all I need to know about them," said John Ferguson, 52, a four-time marathon runner and self-described patriot, referring to the company's newly launched ad campaign. "I will no longer be purchasing Nike's products."

"Reluctantly," he added, "and after much thought, I have decided I will continue to use the Vaporflys I bought last week. They're really pretty sweet."

The clarification apparently was a reference to viral videos of some Nike critics burning their shoes in protest, using the hashtag #BurnYourNikes.

Ferguson said he understands how some might accuse him of hypocrisy, but explained that he's prepared to sacrifice plenty of other Nike merchandise for the cause.

"I have some Nike socks, I think," he said. "And an old 'Just Do It' T-shirt. Those are definitely headed for the fire pit, and I will share footage of that, no question."

The shoes, however, are safe.

"I mean, let's not be rash," said Ferguson. "I literally just bought them. You know?" 

"Stand for the flag!" he added. "USA!"