Asics Urges Runners to Replace Shoes by End of 3rd Fiscal Quarter


Asics Corp., hit by an "operating loss of $8.98 million in the American region in the second quarter ended June 30," is urging customers to replace their Asics shoes, regardless of wear or mileage, by the end of Q3.

The new guidelines are a departure from the company's longstanding policy that shoes should be replaced every 450 to 550 miles.

In a statement, the company acknowledged the shift and urged Asics fans to ignore its previous advice.

"It is imperative that Asics customers get rid of their current shoes immediately, regardless of the number of miles on them, and go buy new ones," the statement read. "Ideally as soon as possible, but definitely no later than September 30."

Look, there’s no time to explain. Just buy new shoes. New Asics shoes.
— Asics Corp. statement

September 30 marks the end of the third fiscal quarter.

"Look," the statement continued, "there's no time to explain. Just buy new shoes. New Asics shoes. In fact, buy a few pairs and throw in a pack of Asics socks while you're at it."

A company spokesman told Dumb Runner that the new guidelines apply only to Asics shoes, stressing that "no other shoe brands are affected."

"In fact," said the spokesman, "go ahead and tell your readers explicitly that their Nikes, Adidas, Brooks, Saucony, Hoka, Mizuno, Altra, Newtons, and New Balance shoes should be just fine for another year at least."

"Maybe two years," he added, pausing. "Yes. Those other shoes are good for two more years."