The Dumb Runner Holiday Gift Guide


Are there runners on your holiday shopping list? Do these runners enjoy fun gifts? Are you still reading?

If you answered “Heck yeah” to at least one of those first two questions, and “Yes but get to the point” to the third, well, do we have some terrific gift ideas for you.

These gifts are terrific for at least two reasons:

  1. They aren’t boring.

  2. Each sale will help keep Dumb Runner independent and ad-free.

So, choosing Dumb Runner gifts is a win all around.

We honestly think you’ll find something here for every runner on your list. Any runner who’s not a total dud, that is. (And if you’re shopping for a total dud? Well, there’s always the RunStrap.)

Happy shopping, happy holidays, and thanks for your support.

Please note: Some of the links below go to the store, while others will take you to our Threadless shop or to—external websites with their own carts, checkouts, customer service, etc. Questions? Comments? Special requests? Drop me a line!—Mark

“Local Runner” Triblend Tee ($25)

From our Threadless shop: The perfect gift for runners who live, uh, locally. BUY NOW


C is for Chafing ($12, signed and personalized)

Whether you're a child, a child at heart, or just childish, you'll enjoy C is for Chafing—a kid-friendly running book that covers the good (E is for Endorphins) the bad (B is for Blister), and the ugly (O is for "Oh, No..."). BUY NOW


“42.2” French Terry Pullover Hoody ($38)

From our Threadless shop: As in, “A marathon is 42.2 kilometers long, which sounds more impressive than 26.2.” BUY NOW


2019 Motivational Poster Wall Calendar ($19.99)

If you like our Motivational Posters you’ll love this full-sized calendar, which features 12 of our “inspirational” images and key dates such as Boston Marathon race day, National Ampersand Day, and my birthday. (Click here for a preview.) BUY NOW AT LULU.COM*

* TIP: Googling “ promo code” might save you a few bucks.

“Retro Logo Red” 15-oz Mug ($14)

From our Threadless shop: It’s our original logo from 1970! (Not really.) On a nice big mug! (Really.) BUY NOW


"Various Obstacles" Poster ($5)

A thick, glossy version of our second ever Dumb Runner Motivational Poster. At 8.5x11 inches, it’s perfectly sized for a cubicle wall or fridge. BUY NOW


“Indie Humor” Tote Bag (from $18)

From our Threadless shop: This snazzy bag is available in three sizes and is 100% ad-free, because ads suck. BUY NOW


The Dumb Runner Reader ($14, signed and personalized)

A “greatest hits” collection of posts from the first two years of your favorite running humor website. (That would be BUY NOW

“Jogging” Baseball Tee ($28)

From our Threadless shop: This design isn’t from 1977—but we are meant to think it is. Embrace your inner jogger! BUY NOW


Want Even More Options?

Visit our Threadless shop, where you can find 20 fun designs available on everything from shirts to bags to phone cases!