Get Your 2019 Motivational Poster Wall Calendar

Hello friends,

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our 2019 Motivational Calendar. As usual, this year’s calendar boasts many features, including:

  • All 12 months

  • 100% Gregorian dates

  • Dazzling, full-color images

  • Quotes that may inspire you or confuse you or both

  • Key dates, such as National Doughnut Day, National Ampersand Day, and my birthday

  • Standard calendar size (11x17” when open)

  • Low cost—just $1.67 per month!

  • Hangin’ hole

Each month’s image and message are adapted from our ridiculously popular Motivational Posters, so if you like those you will love this calendar.

You can peek at all 12 months here:

These things make terrific gifts, and every purchase helps to keep Dumb Runner independent and ad-free. Ready to order? Click here!

Happy (very early) New Year.

Yours Truly,